Once you've read this info, you'll now how to replace this page with YOUR home page as well as set up your email and use your Control Panel!

How to upload your web pages
Instructions were sent to your email
for this information. Below is a recap.

How to find your Control Panel
Your Control Panel is located here: http:// /cpanel

Your webmail is located here: http:// /webmail

Your username and password for the above are located at www.coolcom.com under the Client Center > Hosting Management

Using Your Control Panel
Your account Control Panel can be used to:
- Upload web pages
- Create, remove, change email box details
- Create, remove, change email forward details
- Compose, Send and Receive Email

- Control your spam and virus filters
- Configure auto replies in email and more!


Log into your Control Panel
http:// /cpanel

Main server controls are on the left
- Click to expand "Files"
- Click "File Manager"

The system will ask where you want to go?
- To upload the files for your website select web root
- To view all files you can select Home Directory

*** Features within the server have extensive help videos and tutorials

Your FTP software
will want information to
connect to your webspace.

Host: yourdomain.com or yourdomain.ca
Login: your login
Pass: your password

Your hosting account has several important folders. Only one is for your website. Once you have logged in, find the /public_html/ by double clicking to navigate. Transfer your files here.

You can purchase FTP software (our favorite is WS_FTP), or you can find free software.

Frontpage, Dreamweaver or Site Software
Your software will want information in order to connect to your webspace.

Host: yourdomain.com or yourdomain.ca
Login: your login
Pass: your password
Path or Folder  /public_html/

These programs create your pages and let you upload without ftp. They use built in ftp so the questions are similar to those for ftp. Your software needs to know the path to your hosting folder, be sure to enter this (using ftp you navigate to it).

1: Create your email box (user)
    - Log into your Control Panel (
http:// /cpanel)
    - Click to expand Mail (left menu)
    - Click "Email Accounts" to view or create a new email
    - Click Create Account when completed

2: Forward more addresses to this box if you like!
     Want other addresses at your domain to go to this box?
    - Click Mail (left menu)
    - Click Account level filtering
    - Set a rule for what to do with email when it arrives
    - Select to forward the email and save

You'll receive email to this box and addresses forwarded to it.
If you have no email software you can use the webmail on the left menu Mail > Wemail
You can compose new email and send, as well as receive.

3: Add this address to your email software (Outlook etc)
   - Our knowledge base has instructions for most Email Software

Want us to do Steps 1 and 2 for you?
Coolcom can set up your email boxes and forwards in record time
and our fee is only $10.00 to do so. If you would like this service let us know, we'd be happy to put things together for you. Please include your domain and list each login and pass that you would like for your account. Click to order

Your home page will replace this welcome page

Follow the upload instructions above that suit your needs. With the three most popular choices in the web industry outlined, your bases are covered.

Had more in mind? Wanted an elaborate site but don't have a huge budget? May we suggest our favorite Content Management System with interactive features and many excellent template choices?

Q: What is a content management system?

A: Have you ever used Hotmail or Gmail (or blogging?) If you have then you probably can use Content Management. It's a system where instead of building web pages, there is software installed that lets you simply fill out info - and the system builds and links the pages.

Q: Do the sites look good?
A: They actually look incredible especially if you add a professional template. Those keep your site looking fabulous, all you do is add articles, polls, news and other content. Below are just 4 of our library of content management software templates. These are free when you use our CMS Install service.

Q: What can these CMS Set Ups offer?
A: Lots! Membership login system already working, Blogging, Polls, Banner Ads, methods of contacting your members. Ability to have member only information, and much more, all with a pretty small learning curve and each feature can be turned on or off depending on your usage needs. AND so many free features can be added too! Click here to have more info sent to you.